Version 4.1 Build 12

ATHENA Impact Estimator for Buildings 4.1.12 (Version 4.1 Build 12) was released in December 2010.

Changes & Issues Addressed:

  1. Application - Registration : When registering the Impact Estimator for Buildings software, the registration process only detects the MAC address for the network interface card that is active during registration. For instance, if the software is registered when connected to a network via an Ethernet network interface card, the MAC address of the Ethernet NIC card is used. If the software is subsequently launched when the computer is connected to a wireless network, the registration validation code sends the MAC address of the wireless interface card to the registration server, thereby causing software registration validation to fail.
  2. Emissions due to Transportation Fuels : The emissions to air, land and water for fuels consumed during the transportation of materials and products, are being underestimated by an amount equal to the tonne-km per physical unit of fuel. Note that based on our initial cursory investigation of Diesel Road transportation effects, it appeared that the transportation effects were being underestimated by an amount similar to the higher heating value of the fuel being consumed, which is how this bug was previously reported.
  3. Glulam - Conversion Factor to Tonnes : The conversion factor to tonnes for GluLam is wrong. The value was entered as if GluLam was based on Mbfm when in fact GluLam is based on m3.
  4. Application - Project - Copy Assembly : When you copy an assembly from project A into project B, then close project B, project B closes but the user is not asked if they want to save the changes to the project B. It will close project B, and the added assembly will not be saved.
  5. Application - Save Project - Empty Path : An Unhandled exception is intermittently being thrown when an attempt is made to save a project having an empty path name, causing the "empty path name not legal " error message to be displayed. It is an intermittent bug that is not consistently reproducible.
  6. Envelopes - Roofs - Roof Envelopes : "Glass Based shingles 20yr" is not available in the envelope dropdown menu for roofs.
  7. Application - Project - Copy Assembly : When you copy an assembly from a project with a 60 year lifespan into a target project with a 1 year lifespan, the copied energy and effects values contributed by the copied assembly in the target project are the same as for the 60 year lifespan project.
  8. Assembly - Custom Wall - Concrete Tilt-Up : The Imperial labels for "Concrete Tilt-Up" are wrong and should be 6" and 8".
  9. Envelopes - Walls - Vapour Barrier : "Air Barrier" is not available in the "Vapour Barrier" envelope category. Need to rename the envelope category "Vapour Barrier" to "Vapour & Air Barrier".
  10. Application - Life Cycle Effects : Some of the life cycle effects (Material, Transportation) are not being allocated to the correct life cycle stage (LCS).

    For instance:

    1. Replacement (Maintenance LCS) effects are being accounted for in the Manufacturing and Construction LCS via the initial materials list.
    2. Construction Waste is being included in the Demolition LCS (end of life) instead of being transported to landfill during the Construction LCS.
  11. Application - Close Project - Closes all open reports : All open reports are being closed when one of the open projects is closed even reports that are not "owned" by the project being closed. The reports seem to be getting closed with the "Close All" directive instead of selectively closing open reports that correspond to the project being closed.
  12. Reports - Summary Measure : Replaced the Summary Measure "Primary Energy Consumption", now using "Fossil Fuel Consumption".
  13. Reports - Table : Header rows and columns in all table reports are not frozen which makes it difficult to use the reports without exporting to Excel.
  14. Reports - Comparison Reports : Comparison reports by Life Cycle Stage are not showing the Operating Energy information.
  15. Assembly - Foundation - Concrete Footing : The Fly Ash radio button group is not displaying the correct selected value when the "Modify Concrete Footing Foundation" form is closed then reopened and the radio button selected is different than the default value. The value is stored properly, but the form does not reflect the value when the selected value differs from the default value.

Database Updates

    • Updated Material data : GluLam : corrected conversion factor to tonnes.
    • Updated Envelope Materials : Roofs : added "Glass Based Shingles" to the list of "Roofing Envelope" envelope materials.
    • Updated Envelope Categories : Walls : changed "Vapour Barrier" to "Vapour & Air Barrier".
    • Updated Manufacturing data : "Stucco over porous surface".
    • Updated Manufacturing data : "Polyethylene Filter Fabric".
    • Updated Energy data : added new electricity generation fuel source records - now same as proposed changes to USLCIDB.
    • Updated Electricity Generation by Energy Source (e.g., Fuel) Profile data with the following statistical vintages: 2007 Canada, 2007 Mexico, 2008 USA.

  • Updated Window Frame data : "PVC Windows".


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