Pavement LCA Webinars & Tutorials

These webinar and tutorial videos are available on YouTube to help new users learn the basic workings of the Pavement LCA desktop and web applications.

Pavement LCA Web App Tutorials

Visit the Pavement LCA Web App Tutorials YouTube Channel.

00-Getting Started and Overview (10:04) : How to create an account and sign in to, and a bird’s eye view of how the program works and the results that it will produce.

01-Creating a Roadway (16:03) : How to create a roadway project, project level inputs (location etc.), define a roadway (initial construction), assign materials to roadway elements, and edit them. Hot mix asphalt and portland cement concrete examples are demonstrated.

02-Maintenance and Rehabilitation Schedule (18:03) : How to enter a maintenance and rehabilitation schedule for a hot mix asphalt and portland cement concrete roadway.

03-Pavement Vehicle Interaction (6:42) : How to enter Pavement Vehicle Interaction segments according to the rehabilitation schedule of an existing roadway.

04-Extra Basic Materials, Material Transport & Operating Energy (7:59) : How to enter material in Extra Basic Materials, customize your material transportation distances, and how to enter annual operating energy for electric lighting and fuel use for maintenance vehicles.

05-Viewing Results-Tables & Graphs (22:02) : How to view your results and export them to Excel for further analysis.

06-Equipment Library (8:17) : How to customize the equipment fuel use table for individual projects and to change (and restore) the default values to match your particular equipment.

07-Product Library (11:48) : How to create custom products or mix designs, from scratch and by modifying existing products, and use them in a roadway project.

08- Sample Projects (13:32) : How to access and copy the 30 MPa sub-grade modulus sample projects and how to modify them for your own use and how to create the 40MPa and 50 MPa roadways from the desktop version.

09-Life Cycle Cost Analysis (26:17) : How to create user defined costs and use them to perform a life cycle cost analysis (LCCA) on roadway projects.

Pavement LCA Desktop Application Tutorials

Visit the Pavement LCA Desktop Application Tutorials YouTube Channel.

00-Defining Custom Products (18:44) : A deep dive into using the Composite Product Library where users can define their own custom product recipes (e.g, pavement mix designs).

Pavement LCA Webinar:
Pavement LCA Software : Webinar Training Session (0:50:30). This free 1 hour webinar recorded June 20 2013 presented by Athena staff provides an introduction to LCA, and a demonstration of the Pavement LCA (formerly Impact Estimator for Highways), a free LCA software package for roadway design professionals.


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