Version 4.0 Build 56

ATHENA Impact Estimator for Buildings 4.0.56 (Version 4.0 Build 56) was released in May 2009.

Changes & Issues Addressed:

  1. Custom Walls - Envelope Materials- Emissions for envelope materials on custom walls were being double-counted. This bug has been fixed, so it is recommended that users reload any previously used project files and reproduce the summary measures and absolute value tables.
    Original Bug details: Custom Wall Assembly - summary measure impacts due to envelope materials seem to be double-counted when compared with the same materials added using Extra Basic Materials. For instance, if you input a wood stud wall with batt fibreglass insulation, and then input the same wood stud wall without insulation, the difference between the absolute values of the two projects represents the total impacts of the fibreglass insulation. If you input that same amount of insulation in extra basic materials you should get the same (or very close) values.
  2. Comparison Graphs - Comparison graphs are showing erroneous data. The values do not correspond to the project specific graphs and absolute value tables. Users will not be able to produce comparison graphs until it has been corrected. This bug was corrected in Build 64.
  3. Summary Measures by Assembly Group Embodied Effects - Summary measures are being miscalculated when users sort the data by assembly groups. Until this bug is fixed, this feature has been disabled. Absolute value reports when sorted by assembly groups are correct and are still available. Summary measures and absolute values, when sorted by Life Cycle Stages are both still available. This bug was corrected in Build 64.
  4. The TRACI summary measure values in the Tree view are not identical to the corresponding Table report values.Until this bug is fixed, this feature has been disabled. This bug was corrected in Build 64.
  5. The Envelope Configuration utility has been disabled. User feedback has indicated that this feature, while valuable, has a buggy user interface that makes it unpredictable.
  6. Custom Wall – Window Opening Area is not being validated properly when the Units are Imperial. Validation is fine when the Units are SI.
  7. Concrete Suspended Slab Roof form validation on Cancel Button does not catch unsaved changes to input fields on the Assembly tab.
  8. Assembly Forms with the wrong Validation Sequence:
    • Wall : Custom Wall
    • Wall Component : Curtain Wall
    • Floor : Precast Hollow Core Floor
    • Floor : Precast Double T Concrete System Floor
    • Floor : Modify Steel Joist and Plywood/OSB Flooring System
    • Roof : Precast Hollow Core Roof
    • Roof : Precast Double T Concrete System Roof
    • Roof : Modify Steel Joist and Plywood/OSB Roofing System
  9. Duplicated Project XBM (extra basic materials) Assembly remains linked to the original project XBM assembly.
  10. Summary Measure units are labelled incorrectly in the summary measure reports. Except for Weighted Resource Use and Primary Energy, the Summary Measure reports with a /kg basis, should not be "kg of equivalent something". For instance, Global Warming Potential presently has "kg eq CO2/kg" which should just be "kg eq CO2".
  11. The Tree Control is not being properly updated when two or more projects are open and one of the projects is deleted.
  12. Unhandled Exception Error: With multiple projects open, expand one of the assembly groups containing multiple assemblies (i.e., floors) then delete one of the assemblies. Immediately click the Duplicate button. An unhandled exception error is thrown.
  13. Unit Conversion Error: In the "Add or Modify Project" form, the "Gross Floor Area" is not being properly converted from SI to Imperial. The conversion factor should be 1.0 m2 = 10.7639 ft2. The sole purpose of this optional input field is for summarizing the results on a unit floor area basis.
  14. The Span constraintsare not being properly applied for the following Assemblies:
    • Concrete Suspended Slab Floor Span 3.6m – 9.75m;
    • Concrete Suspended Slab Roof Span 3.6m – 9.75m;
    • Wood Joist and Plywood or OSB Decking System Floor Span 0.3m – 4.56m for 2.4kPa loads, 0.3m – 4.9m for 3.6kPa loads, 0.3m – 3.7m for 4.8kPa. loads

    This caused unhandled exception errors during Assembly form validation and when switching the Summary Measure displayed in the Tree Control. This also caused erroneous summary measure results when Span values were extremely large.

  15. The Main Menu is not updating properly following the Delete All Assemblies request.
  16. Forms that are not linked to the correct helpfile include the following:
    • Tools->Options->Envelope Configurations
    • Tools->Options->Envelope Configurations->Insert->Select Envelope Material
    • Add/Modify Concrete Parking Garage Floor
    • Add/Modify Concrete Parking Garage Roof
    • Add/Modify Concrete Tilt Up Wall
  17. Project Change is not being registered when Delete an Assembly Group is selected.
  18. No confirmation message is being displayed when Delete All Assemblies is requested.
  19. With one or more projects open, select one of the project nodes, close it then select Delete All Assemblies; an unhandled exception error is thrown.
  20. Unhandled exception error is being thrown when the user switches Tree Control Summary Measure to Acidification Potential or Energy Consumption for Custom Wall Assembly for an excessively large wall area.
  21. No confirmation message is being displayed: When the Project node is selected and the "Delete All Assemblies" Edit Menu option is selected, a confirmation message should be displayed to the user before proceeding to delete all assemblies.
  22. The Columns and Beams assembly help files have been updated and need to be replaced.
  23. Assembly Forms with integer input fields are not validating correctly: Concrete Hollow Core Roof, Parking Garage Roof, Precast Double T Concrete Roof.
  24. The Main Menu is not being updated properly after Closing All projects is requested.
  25. When an Assembly Group is deleted, the application enters an unstable state if you immediately attempt to add a new assembly.


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