About LCA

About LCA (Life Cycle Assessment)

Today, sustainability has become a top priority for government, business and the general public. Our collective challenge is to significantly reduce our impact on the local and global environment and begin to rebuild our natural capital in an economically and socially responsible manner. This challenge must start now with a relentless commitment to improving the world where we work, live and play.

Our commitment is to help our clients understand their environmental challenges and to incorporate sustainable design solutions to help them meet these challenges. Our team of experts can help you achieve your environmental, energy and carbon management goals.

  • Calculate your carbon footprint
  • Reduce your carbon emissions
  • Offset your carbon emissions
  • Retrofit and optimize existing buildings
  • Design and construct green projects that meet the highest standards
  • Select environmentally preferable products that perform appropriately
  • Design and construct high performance buildings that minimize waste (water, material and energy), integrate systems and optimize life cycle costs
  • Optimize and manage water use
  • Environmental assessments of specific buildings
  • Training in the principles and practice of LCA at the product or process level
  • Training in sustainability and the use of ATHENA software
  • General advice and guidance in support of client sustainability efforts
  • Building Assessments
  • Product or Process LCA
  • Training
  • General Sustainability Consulting


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