Residential Assemblies

The Athena EcoCalculator for Residential Assemblies provides instant LCA results for common building assemblies based on detailed assessments previously conducted using the Athena Impact Estimator for Buildings.

Please note that the current version of the EcoCalculator for Residential Assemblies is v1.21. Click here to see the EcoCalculator for Residential Assemblies Revision History.

As data for other building assemblies becomes available, those assemblies will be added to the Eco Calculator for Residential Assemblies.

To freely download and use the EcoCalculator for Residential Assemblies, you will need to pick the most appropriate climatic region for your building. This choice affects the specific assembly definitions.

Please note that the download may not work with Chrome or Edge Browsers.

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Although the EcoCalculator for Residential Assemblies is presented in an easy-to-use Excel spreadsheet format, you may find it useful to review or download the User’s Guide. Detailed assembly definitions, assumptions and related information are provided in a separate Definitions and Assumptions document that can also be downloaded in a PDF format.

Please note that the Eco Calculator for Residential Assemblies was developed for and is supported only on Microsoft Excel. Any other spreadsheet software that is reportedly Excel compatible is not supported. The OpenOffice CALC spreadsheet opens EcoCalculator files, but we have not verified the results on that application. Apple’s Numbers application cannot open Eco Calculator files because they are password protected: they have formatting and content that needs to remain locked in order to ensure results are reliable. The Eco Calculator Excel files contain NO MACROS.

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Note to users outside of North America:
Although it contains North American data, the Athena software is in use in Europe, Hong Kong, Australia etc. Outside of North America, the software can be used for educational purposes and to understand how different design decisions can affect the environmental profile of a building. The software could be adapted for other regions, depending on the availability of data and funding. The four main areas of differentiation would be electricity grids, manufacturing processes, transportation distances and the make-up of building assemblies.


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